St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Kottayam

Located in Kottayam, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church is an archaic church constructed in 1579. It is popularly known as Kottayam Cheriyapally and is one of the oldest churches in Kerala.

St Marys Church in Kottakam

History of St. Mary's Orthodox Church

The church was a handsome outcome of a quarrel between the two Christian groups, the Vadakkumbhagar (Christians from the Northern side) and the Knanaya Christians. In order to resolve the row the chief of the Vadakkumbhagar met the then Raja for grant of some land to build a brand new church. The Raja granted his wish and the result was a fabulous St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Kottayam.

Architecture of St. Mary's Orthodox Church

The church displays an eminent architecture, with an amalgam of Portuguese and Kerala styles. It contains walls graced up with outstanding murals made in western and oriental fashion inspired by both biblical and non-biblical themes.

The Feast of the Church

The Church Feast – The Feast of St. Mary’s, is also known as Vithukalude Perunnal implying “the feast of seeds”. It falls on January 15. It is said that on this day Virgin Mary gathers all her blessing and showers them upon the agricultural seeds.

The Feast of Assumption

Also known as VangipuPerunnal, this feast is commemorated on August 15. The tradition says that when St. Mary took her last breath she was carried to the heaven by beautiful angels. The feast is to celebrate this day every year.

This day indeed reminds us the power of humility, loyalty and fervor which rewarded an ordinary girl to transform into the Mother of God.


You can visit the church throughout the week between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. The best time to visit the church is from September to December.

How to Reach St. Mary's Orthodox Church

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church is 2 km outside Kottayam. One can reach Kottayam by either a bus or a train. The nearest airport to Kottayam is the Kochi Airport which is at a distance of around 80 km.

Accommodation near St. Mary's Orthodox Church

Hotel Aida
AIDA Junction, Near KSRTC Bus Stand
M.C. Road Kottayam
Traiff: INR 900- INR 1600

Hotel Windsor Castle
Near Railway Station,
Kottayam District

Nearby Sightseeing Options

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church has quite good options of sightseeing around it. You can give a visit to Vaikom, one of the oldest townships in Kottayam. The township is amidst various beautiful lakes. You can also drop by to Nadukani, Sarawasthy Temple and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.
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