Nagaraja Temples in Kottayam

In Hindu mythology, Adishesha also called Anantha and Vasuki are worshipped as Nagarajas, which means ‘king of snakes’ in Sanskrit. It is believed that Lord Vishnu rests on the head of Lord Anantha who has thousand heads. In Treta Yuga Sheshanaga, incarnated on earth as Lakshmana (younger brother of Lord Rama) and in Dwapara Yuga as Balarama (elder brother of Lord Krishna). He accompanied Vishnu in his incarnations. Lord Shiva also carries Lord Vasuki as a necklace, who depicts the power of a serpent.

According to Hindu Puranas, Kashyapa and Kadru are parents of eight great snakes Karkkodaka, Mahapadma, Anantha, Padma, Gulika ,Takshaka, Shamghapala and Vasuki.

Nagaraja Temples in Kottayam

Hindus believe that Parasurama created Kerala, which emerged out of the Arabian Sea and donated it to Brahmins to repent his sins because he killed many Kshatriya kings. But the Brahmins from fear of poisonous snakes in forests refused to live there. So Parasurama went to Lord Shiva for solution. Shiva asked Parasurama to worship Anantha. When Parasurama worshipped Anantha, he appeared and asked Parasurasma to provide snake forests in Kerala for worship of snakes. Parasurama and Brahmins did so and the idols of Nagarajas Vasuki and Anantha were installed at Vettikkottu and Manarassala.

Many snake forests (Sarppakkavu ) and temples with Sarppa Prathistas were made by Brahmins all over Kerala. Many families of Kerala also had a Sarppakkavu where Snake Puja is held half yearly or after one year. Some Sarppakkavu still exist today where people worship snakes, which now comes under "preserved forests", where no one is allowed to go. In these forests herbs are grown for treating snakebites.

Snake gods Nagaraja, Sarppa Yakshi, Naga Yakshi, (Nagaraja’s wives) and Naga Chamundi (sister of Nagaraja) are worshipped by people of Kerala. The main offerings are Manjal abhishekam, Sarppabali and Noorum Palum. Famous Sarppakkavus in Kerala are Panayannarkavu, Vettikkottu, Mannarassala, Sarngakkavu, Valliikkavu and Pambummekkattu.

The Nagaraja festivals celebrated in Kerala are Nagapanchami (July – August ), Aayilayam day (September – October) and Thulam (October – November).

Kottayam district of Kerala has many Sarppakkavus which are inside the temple premises and also have deities of Nagaraja and Naga Yakshi.

Temples of Nagaraja with independent Sarppakkavus in Kottayam are:

Kumaranalloor Nagaraja Temple

Located near temple of Devi Kumaranalloor, this temple has main deities of Nagarja and Nagayakshi. The main festival of this temple is Aayilyam.

Kumaranalloor Nagaraja Temple
Kumaranalloor – Kudamaloor Road, Kottayam, Kerala
Contact No. : +(91) – 9526310633, + (91) – 9562354140
Email Id : [email protected]

Madanmarukavu Nagaraja Temple Alanadu

Kuruppakkattu Illom own and run this temple. This temple opens in the last week of November.

Perunilam Sreepuram Nagaraja Temple Poonjar

Nagaraja Temple in Kottayam

Perunilam Srepuram Nagaraja Temple is just 450 meters away from the temple Poonjar Koyikkal Dharmashastha. On the day of Prathishta Dinam Sarppabali and Astha Naga Puja is done.

Puthettu Sarppakkavu Kottayam

Just 500 meters from bus station KSRTC is the ancient temple Puthettu Sarppakkavu, in Chandakadavu, Kottayam. Renovation of this temple was done in 2002. On 11th November, 2002 installation was performed by Tanthri Udayaperoor Aameda Mana Nampoothiri.Deities of Nagayakshi and Nagaraja are worshipped at this temple. The main festival celebrated here is Aayilyam in the month of October-November.

Puthettu Sarppakkavu Kottayam
Near KSRT Bus Station,
Chandakadavu, Kottayam (Kerala)
Contact No. : + (91) – 9446921759, 9447061164
Email ID : [email protected]

Nagummelil Nagaraja Temple Idavattam

Located near Thalayaolapparambu this temple celebrates Aayilyam as its main festival. Arasukalam, bhasmakkalam, koottakkalam, podikkalam, vechnuedyam, desa thalappoli and kalam karikkal are linked with Pathamudayam festival which is celebrated with kalamezhuthum pattum. Guruthy marks the end of this festival.

Nagampoozhi Mana

This temple, located in the midst of Udayanapuram Subrahmanya Swami Temple and Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, is also a famous temple.
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