Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls in Kottayam

The Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls are a majestic visual treat as they fall about a hundred feet in a five-tiered cascade straight down the mountain from a gradient of about a hundred feet.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls in Kottayam

History of Aruvikkuzha Waterfalls

The British settlers had adopted this quaint little town as their hill station and they devoutly worshipped at the St. Mary Church. This church built atop the waterfall is believed to give divine benediction to the waters of the cascade. The church is also known as the Lourde Martha Church and the waters flowing from its feet are said to have the power to heal and bless all those who seek succor from their ills. The pristine edifice of the church rises above the verdant green of the rubber and tea plantations while the thick forests beyond the cultivated area stretch high above like a veritable green, leafy canopy. With this setting in a natural environment there is the added benefit of observing thousands of migratory birds of all shapes, sizes and hues. These birds flock to the water bodies in the parts like wetlands. It is no small wonder then that a few of the birds stop over at the waterfall.

Geography of Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Situated in Kottayam, the Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls have been established as a unique natural phenomenon.

The purely naturally created status of the waterfall can be judged from the fact the waterfall is at its element immediately after the monsoons during the months of June and July when all the little rivulets and streams that are feeding it are well fed and swollen with the monsoon torrents. In turn, they feed the waterfall and it thunders down the five steps along the steep hillside. And yet as the summer season closes the streams are reduced to a tickle and the waterfall almost dried up. This phenomenon is usually during the months of April and May.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls in KottayamThe Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls are situated just about two kilometers from Kumarakom along a mud path. This place is renowned all over the world for its replendant backwaters. It is also famous for its houseboats which are an architect’s delight afloat on the ambient waterways of Kerala.

Just one kilometer from the Church that is located atop the waterfall is the market centre of Pallickathod. It is a centre for the rubber plantations of the region and serves a veritable dual purpose.

How to Reach Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

There is an easy access provided to this precious niche of Nature by all the routes of air, rail, waterways and even road.

By air the waterfall is easily reached by travelling to the international airport located at Kochi and then travelling from there by road for a distance of about a hundred kilometers. Private taxis can also be hired from the airport for the journey to the destination.

By rail there is easy access right upto Kottayam railway station which is just about twenty kilometers from Kumarakom. Besides there are several transport options for reaching it by road.

By the waterways there is easy access to Kumarakom village along the many rivers and canals of the Kerala waterways network.

By road there are plenty of options in the form of private and government buses that ply regularly to the village.

By foot is the most enjoyable part of the journey to the waterfalls. From Pallickathod it is a one kilometers’ walk along a muddy track through the natural verdure of various forms of flora as well as the man-made plantations of rubber and tea. Similarly, it is just a two kilometers walk along the rocky, stony hill slope from Kumarakom to the Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls.
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