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State Bank of Travancore Branches in Kottayam

State Bank of Travancore is one of the largest and most popular banks in Kottayam and is one of the premier banks of Kerala state. It has largest network of banking in the city and in entire state of Kerala. Kerala has around 758 branches that are spread all over the state. The Zonal Office of this bank is located at Polachirackal Chambers and its main branch is located at Thirunakkara South. Kottayam city itself has around 85 branches of State Bank of Travancore and entire district has around 114 branches. This main bank meets all the financial requirement of local residents and investors. IFSC code and other details of all the branches of State Bank of Travancore in Kottayam are provided below.

State Bank of Travancore in Kottayam

List of State Bank of Travancore Branches in Kottayam

Branch Name: Kottayam Civil Station
Address: P.B.No.1102, Padinjarekkara Chambers
Collectorate P.O., Kottayam - 686002
IFSC Code: SBTR0000101
Phone No: 04812562885 04812568909

Branch Name: Kottayam (Main)
Address: P.B.No.19, Thirunakkara South
Kottayam P.O., Kottayam - 686001
IFSC Code: SBTR0000102
Phone No: 0481 2568850 0481 2584363 0481 2568321

Branch Name: Kidangoor
Address: P.B.No.1, Kacheril Buildings
Kidangoor P.O., Kottayam - 686572
IFSC Code: SBTR0000106
Phone No: 04822-254121 04822-257721

Branch Name: Paipad (Kottayam)
Address: P.B.No:1, Pulimoottil Buildings
Pallickachira Kavala P.O., Kottayam - 686537
IFSC Code: SBTR0000107
Phone No: 0481-2406661 0481-2406461

Branch Name: Vakathanam
Address: P.B.No.1, Thunjath Building
Vakathanam P.O., Kottayam – 686538
IFSC Code: SBTR0000110
Phone No: 0481-2462342 0481-2465069

Branch Name: Medical College - Kottayam
Address: P.B.No.1, Medical College Campus
Gandhinagar P.O., Kottayam - 686008
IFSC Code: SBTR0000111

Branch Name: Athirampuzha
Address: P.B.No.1, St.Marys Forane Church Bldgs
Athirampuzha P.O., Kottayam - 686562
IFSC Code: SBTR0000112
Phone No: 0481 2730545

Branch Name: Erattupetta
Address: P.B.No.2, Aruvithura P.O
Kottayam - 686122
IFSC Code: SBTR0000113
Phone No: 04822 / 272009 04822

Branch Name: Kumarakom
Address: P.B.No.1, Illikalam Chambers
Kumarakom P.O., Kottayam - 686563
IFSC Code: SBTR0000116
Phone No: 04812524227 04812529227

Branch Name: Manimala
Address: P.B No. 1, Kovoor Buildings
Manimala P.O., Kottayam - 686543
IFSC Code: SBTR0000117
Phone No: 04828247133

Branch Name: Neendoor
Address: P.B.No.1, Panthalloorparambil Bldgs
Neendoor P.O., Kottayam - 686601
IFSC Code: SBTR0000119
Phone No: 0481-2712321 0481-2711860

Branch Name: Poovarany
Address: P.B.No.1, Paika
Poovarany P.O., Kottayam - 686577
IFSC Code: SBTR0000121
Phone No: 04822226741

Branch Name: Puthupally
Address: P.B.No.1, Kanyaparambil Buildings
Puthupally P.O., Kottayam - 686011
IFSC Code: SBTR0000122
Phone No: 0481-2351810 0481-2351497

Branch Name: Ramapuram
Address: P.B.No.1, St.Augustines Church Bldgs
Ramapuram Bazar P.O., Kottayam - 686576
IFSC Code: SBTR0000123
Phone No: 04822 260329 04822 262999

Branch Name: Uzhavoor
Address: P.B.No.1, Theravath Buildings
Uzhavoor P.O., Kottayam – 686634
IFSC Code: SBTR0000124
Phone No: 04822-240142

Branch Name: Vechoor
Address: Pb No.1, N.S.S. Karayogam Buildings
Vechoor P.O., Kottayam - 686144
IFSC Code: SBTR0000127
Phone No: 04829275123

Branch Name: Chingavanam
Address: P.B.No.1, V.O. Markose Memorial Hall Bldg
Chingavanam P.O., Kottayam - 686531
IFSC Code: SBTR0000128
Phone No: 04812430376 04812430059

Branch Name: Kalaketty
Address: P.B.No.1, Vellathottam Buildings
Kalaketty P.O., Kottayam - 686508
IFSC Code: SBTR0000130
Phone No: 04828237368 04828235325

Branch Name: Kootickal
Address: P.B.No.1, Badayil Buildings
Kootickal P.O., Kottayam - 686514
IFSC Code: SBTR0000131
Phone No: 04828284430 04828284130

Branch Name: Monipally
Address: P.B.No.1, Ramakrishnan Nairs Building
Monipally P.O., Kottayam - 686636
IFSC Code: SBTR0000134
Phone No: 04822-242221

Branch Name: Kuruppanthara
Address: P.B.No.1, Kandarapallil Buildings
Manjoor P.O., Kottayam - 686603
IFSC Code: SBTR0000136
Phone No: 04829 - 242335

Branch Name: Pallom
Address: P.B.No.1, Pakkil P.O
Pallom, Kottayam - 686012
IFSC Code: SBTR0000217
Phone No: 0481-2363268

Branch Name: Kanjikuzhy
Address: P.B.No.1, No.124 C/C.K.G. Towers
K.K. Road, Kottayam - 686004
IFSC Code: SBTR0000222
Phone No: 0481- 2575087

Branch Name: Thiruvarpu
Address: Ambakuzhy Trade Centre, Illikkal
Kiliroor North P.O, Kottayam - 686020
IFSC Code: SBTR0000223
Phone No: 0481 2382094

Branch Name: Industrial Estate - Changanacherry
Address: P.B.No.1, Industrial Nagar P.O
Changanacherry, Kottayam - 686106
IFSC Code: SBTR0000230
Phone No: 0481 2720841 0481 2722190

Branch Name: Aymanam
Address: P.B.No.1, Ap - 422/A
Aymanam P.O., Kottayam - 686015
IFSC Code: SBTR0000232
Phone No: 04812515791

Branch Name: Manarcadu
Address: P.B. No. 1, Faizal Bldgs
Manarcadu P.O., Kottayam - 686019
IFSC Code: SBTR0000233
Phone No: 04812372502 04812370942

Branch Name: Marangattupally
Address: Kunnumpurath Buildings
Marangattupally P.O., Kottayam - 686635
IFSC Code: SBTR0000234
Phone No: 04822 251042

Branch Name: Pallickathode
Address: P.B.No.1, Anickadu P.O
Kottayam - 686503
IFSC Code: SBTR0000247
Phone No: 04812551071 04812553377

Branch Name: Mammood
Address: P.B.No.1, Mammoottil Buildings
Mammood P.O., Kottayam - 686553
IFSC Code: SBTR0000284
Phone No: 04812472072 04812475072

Branch Name: Teekoy
Address: P.B.No.1, Purappanthanam Buildings
T.P.No.V/112 A, Teekoy P.O., Kottayam - 686580
IFSC Code: SBTR0000341
Phone No: 04822 - 281052

Branch Name: Vadavathur
Address: P.B.No.3, Near Mrf Ltd
Vadavathur P.O., Kottayam - 686010
IFSC Code: SBTR0000343
Phone No: 0481 2578512

Branch Name: Mattakkara
Address: P.B.No.1, H.F.C Buildings
Mattakkara P.O., Kottayam - 686564
IFSC Code: SBTR0000349
Phone No: 0481-2542465

Branch Name: Bharananganam
Address: P.B.No.1, Perekkattu Buildings
Bharananganam P.0., Kottayam - 686578
IFSC Code: SBTR0000350
Phone No: 0482 236278

Branch Name: Kottiyam
Address: P.B.No.2, Y.M.R.Complex
Kollam, Kottayam - 691571
IFSC Code: SBTR0000352
Phone No: 0474 2532303

Branch Name: Kulasekharamangalam
Address: P.B.No.1, Parassery Madom Building
Kulasekharamangalam P.O., Kottayam - 686608
IFSC Code: SBTR0000354
Phone No: 04829-273131

Branch Name: Elamgulam
Address: P.B.No.1, Eruppakattu Buildings
Koorali P.O., Kottayam - 686522
IFSC Code: SBTR0000360
Phone No: 04828 226382

Branch Name: Kooropada
Address: P.B.No.1, Arinjukallumkal Bldgs
Kooropada P.O., Kottayam - 686502
IFSC Code: SBTR0000363
Phone No: 0481 2700116, 0481 2701116

Branch Name: Kozhuvanal
Address: P.B.No.1, Thekkethil Buildings
Kozhuvanal P.O., Kottayam - 686523
IFSC Code: SBTR0000364
Phone No: 04822 - 267032

Branch Name: Mundathanam
Address: Puthenveettil Complex Bldgs
Kangazha P.O., Kottayam - 686541
IFSC Code: SBTR0000366
Phone No: 0481 - 2494345

Branch Name: Thuruthy
Address: P.B.No.2, St.Marys Parish House
Thuruthy P.O., Kottayam - 686535
IFSC Code: SBTR0000370
Phone No: 0481-2322552

Branch Name: Edayarikkapuzha, Vattamala Buildings
Pathanad, Kangazha.P.O, Kottayam - 686541
IFSC Code: SBTR0000376
Phone No: 04812494343

Branch Name: Karipputhattu
Address: P.B.No.1, New Buildings
Arpookara P.O., Kottayam - 686008
IFSC Code: SBTR0000377
Phone No: 0481 - 2597462

Branch Name: Kodimatha
Address: P.B.No.1, Kochu Parangottu Bldgs
Kodimatha P.O., Kottayam - 686039
IFSC Code: SBTR0000379
Phone No: 04812568935

Branch Name: Thrikodithanam
Address: P.B.No.1, Grace Villa
Thrikodithanam P.O., Kottayam - 686105
IFSC Code: SBTR0000385
Phone No: 0481 2441350

Branch Name: Sb College - Changanacherry
Address: P.B.No.11, Changanacherry P.O
Kottayam - 686101
IFSC Code: SBTR0000394
Phone No: 04812402480

Branch Name: Chengalam
Address: P.B.No.1, Nirappel Buildings
Chengalam P.O., Kottayam - 686585
IFSC Code: SBTR0000398
Phone No: 04828-265650

Branch Name: Koodalloor
Address: P.B.No.1, (Via) Vayala
Koodalloor P.O., Kottayam - 686595
IFSC Code: SBTR0000400
Phone No: 04822 254193

Branch Name: Madappally
Address: P.B.No.1, Sindhu Buildings
Perumpanachy P.O., Kottayam - 686546
IFSC Code: SBTR0000414
Phone No: 0481-2471845

Branch Name: Anthinad
Address: P.B.No.2, Pravithanan Junction
Anthinad P.O., Kottayam - 686651
IFSC Code: SBTR0000416
Phone No: 04822246395

Branch Name: Chamampathal (Vazhoor)
Address: P.B.No.1 Karimpil Bldgs, Kodungar - Manimala Road
Chamampathal P.O., Kottayam - 686517
IFSC Code: SBTR0000417
Phone No: 0481 2456397

Branch Name: Punchavayal
Address: P.B.No.7, Valiyaveettil Buildings
Punchavayal P.O., Kottayam - 686513
IFSC Code: SBTR0000429
Phone No: 04828 278903

Branch Name: Thekkethukavala
Address: P.B.No.1, Ushus Buildings
Thekkethukavala P.O., Kottayam - 686519
IFSC Code: SBTR0000430
Phone No: 04828 228482

Branch Name: Peroor
Address: P.B.No.1, N.S.S.Karayogam Building
Peroor P.O., Kottayam - 686637
IFSC Code: SBTR0000431
Phone No: 04812791484

Branch Name: Thiruvanchoor
Address: P.B.No.1, Sobys Buildings
Thiruvanchoor P.O., Kottayam - 686037
IFSC Code: SBTR0000432
Phone No: 0481-2770653

Branch Name: Veliyanoor
Address: P.B.No.1, 11/320 Vettikal Bldgs
Veliyannoor P.O., Kottayam - 686638
IFSC Code: SBTR0000444
Phone No: 04822-240183

Branch Name: Kothanallur
Address: P.B.No.1, S.G.P. Church Buildings
Kothanallur P.O., Kottayam - 686632
IFSC Code: SBTR0000446
Phone No: 04829-242320

Branch Name: Manganam
Address: P.B.No.1, V.P.Xv/300a, Paloor Buildings
Manganam P.O., Kottayam - 686018
IFSC Code: SBTR0000471
Phone No: 0481-2578803

Branch Name: Ammancherry
Address: P.B.No.1, Building No.792
Palamattom Buildings, Amalagiri P.O., Kottayam - 686036
IFSC Code: SBTR0000473
Phone No: 0481 -597515

Branch Name: Tv Puram
Address: P.B.No.1, Ottalezhuthu Buildings
T.V. Puram P.O., Kottayam - 686142
IFSC Code: SBTR0000479
Phone No: 04829 210313

Branch Name: Plassanal
Address: P.B.No.1, St.Marys Church Building
Plassanal P.O., Kottayam - 686579
IFSC Code: SBTR0000480
Phone No: 04822-272360

Branch Name: Cms College Campus Kottayam
Address: P.B. No.293, Kottayam P.O
Kottayam - 686001
IFSC Code: SBTR0000484
Phone No: 04812567474

Branch Name: Meenadom (Pampady)
Address: Chuzhukunnel Buildings, Hospital Junction
Meenadom P.O., Kottayam - 686516
IFSC Code: SBTR0000485
Phone No: 04812555211

Branch Name: Arumanoor
Address: P.B.No.1, A.P.8/183
Arumanoor P.O., Kottayam - 686568
IFSC Code: SBTR0000489
Phone No: 0481 2542460

Branch Name: Treasury Branch - Kottayam
Address: P.B.No.1104, Collectorate Buildings
Collectorate P.O., Kottayam - 686002
IFSC Code: SBTR0000492
Phone No: 0481-2562993

Branch Name: Chakkampuzha
Address: Sai Nilayam, Ramapuram Panchayat
Chakkampuzha P.O., Kottayam - 686574
IFSC Code: SBTR0000501
Phone No: 04822260309

Branch Name: Pariyaram
Address: P.B.No:1, Thekkeparambil Buildings
Pariyaram P.O., Kottayam - 686021
IFSC Code: SBTR0000510
Phone No: 0481 2462204

Branch Name: Kozha
Address: P.B.No.1, Panamkuzhackal Buildings
Kuravilangad P.O, Kottayam - 686633
IFSC Code: SBTR0000521
Phone No: 04822-230206

Branch Name: Poovathilappu
Address: P.B.No.2, Moongamackal Bldgs
Manalumkal P.O., Kottayam - 686503
IFSC Code: SBTR0000529
Phone No: 04812552615

Branch Name: Kudakkachira
Address: P.B.No.1 Building No.61, Kudakkachira P.O
Via. Marangattupally, Kottayam - 686635
IFSC Code: SBTR0000538

Branch Name: Valavoor
Address: P.B.No 3, 1st Floor, Karoor Panchayath Complex Bldg
Valavoor P.O., Kottayam - 686635
IFSC Code: SBTR0000539
Phone No: 04822-258058

Branch Name: Service Branch - Kottayam
Address: P.B.No.693, Cms College Campus
College Road, Kottayam - 686001
IFSC Code: SBTR0000634
Phone No: 04812580238

Branch Name: Ssi Branch - Kottayam
Address: Parackal Buildings, Iind Floor
Lal Bahadur Sastri Road, Kottayam - 686001
IFSC Code: SBTR0000652

Branch Name: Mg University Campus - Kottayam
Address: P.B. No.4, Priyadarsani Hills P.O
Kottayam - 686560
IFSC Code: SBTR0000669
Phone No: 0481-2730922

Branch Name: Kumaranalloor
Address: Ist Floor, Cherunkal Buildings
Kumaranalloor P.O., Kottayam - 686016
IFSC Code: SBTR0000677
Phone No: 0481 2310620

Branch Name: Kadappattoor
Address: Door No.18/253(2), 1st Floor, Aryankala Arcade
Opp.Bishops House, Ettumanoor - Pala Road, Kottayam - 686575
IFSC Code: SBTR0000727

Branch Name: Nagampadam, Kottayam
Address: Ground Floor, Shaminthas Arcade
Nattassery Sh Mount P.O, M.C. Road, Kottayam - 686006
IFSC Code: SBTR0000732

Branch Name: Ra/Secc, Zonal Office, Kottayam
Address: Zonal Office
Ra/Secc, Kottayam
IFSC Code: SBTR0000902
Phone No: 0481-23034422

Branch Name: Devalokam
Address: Catholicate Aramana
Devalokam Po, Kottayam
IFSC Code: SBTR0000820

Branch Name: Poovanthuruthu
Address: Poovanthuruthu
Shopping Complex, Kottayam - 686012
IFSC Code: SBTR0000845
Phone No: 0481-2568213

Branch Name: Goldloanbr Kottayam
Address: Karimattam Plaza
Near Railway Stn, Kottayam - 686001
IFSC Code: SBTR0000853

Branch Name: Psb Kottayam
Address: Udaya Arcade
Mariathuruthu Po Chungam, Kottayam - 686027
IFSC Code: SBTR0000854
Phone No: 0481-2567037

Branch Name: Zonal Office, Kottayam
Address: Polachirackal Chambers
Opp:Collectorate, Kottayam - 686002
IFSC Code: SBTR0000997
Phone No: 0481-2300348

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