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Day Care Centres in Kottayam

Day Care has emerged as a recent concept in areas where both householders, the husband and the wife are busy as they have to work in various enterprises according to their capacity. It is because of no able bodied person being present at home to look after the needs of the elderly, the infirm and these are also the infants and children who cannot fend for themselves.
Day Care Centers in Kottayam

Kottayam has always been a close knit interdependent community. However, with the advent of newer job opportunities both males and females sought livelihoods outside the home. With this situation it became increasingly difficult to equitably balance the duties and obligations at the homefront. In some homes there are venerable, elderly people whether they are parents or relatives. In some other homes there may be handicapped or mentally challenged people or even children. There are also many homes where there are infants who need to be taken care of all through the day. Finding an adequate number of trained people for providing care on an individual basis is a daunting task.

The day care centres of Kottayam care for a group of people having similar needs so that caring and care-giving becomes a uniform practice. The fee may be minimal or highly subsidized in the light of support from various quarters whether government or private sector.

Also it is easier to manage a larger number of individuals with the help of few helping hands. Whether it is the elderly or the physically or mentally challenged besides the little children all have differing needs of care. One of the most remarkable organizations that goes by the name of the ‘Smile India Society’ has set up care centres to take care of the elderly and infirm inhabitants of Kottayam in the evening of their lives.

Manganam Center in Kottayam

The manganam centre at Kottayam renders services to its elderly inmates between ten in the morning to three thirty in the afternoon. It was initiated in the year 2002. It is the flagship showcase of the Smile India Society. The society runs others centres also but the Manganam centre at Pakalveedu is known for the services provided by it.

The atmosphere in the centre is one of joyful camaraderie where all the inmates welcome and greet each other with great affection. They take to the day to day activities with alacrity and eagerness. Most of the elderly people who gravitate to these centres are very old. Most of them are more than seventy years of age. They are infirm, some are sick, some suffer from dementia and almost all of them are scared of the inevitable that is the end of life.

The Manganam Day Care Centre for the elderly is a Christian oriented centre but people from all religions are welcomed. The days activities involve not only the minds and bodies of the inmates but also their souls. The spiritual involvement is through their daily participation in prayers, hymn and bhajan singing besides listening to short, meaningful discourses everyday. The mind and body are occupied by all kinds of activities like mind games, physiotherapy, talent expositions and several others. The highlight of these centres is the collective lunch session where all sit together to enjoy the midday experience sharing and also enjoying the company of each other. Most festivals like Onam and Christmas are celebrated with great joy, enjoyment and dignity. These inmates of the day centres live a life of safety, relaxation and pride. They happily look forward to the cars that come to take them to their centre and in the evenings they are satiated with their day and gratefully return to their homes.

Besides the Manganam centre at Pakalveedu the other centres in Kottayam are located at Kurichy and near the Medical college while two are located at Vadavathoor. Then there is also the centre being run in Kodimatha. It is being run jointly in collaboration with the Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church.

Along with day care centres the Kottayam area has several centres of looking after the mentally retarded as well as those suffering from cerebral palsy. Some of these day care centres are located at:

Yasmir Mazil, VII/ 370,
Darragh-es-Salaam Road,
Lochangadi, Cochin- 682002

Smile India Pakalveedu,
Tharayi, Shalom Fellowship Centre,
Manganam P.O. Kottayam 686018,
Ph: 0481-2578566, 6533927
Mo: 08547168566, 08089195780
Email: contact@pakalveedu.org,
Website: www.pakalveedu.org

P.O. Kottayam-686 018
Kerala India
Email. ktm_tradaktm@sancharnet.in
Ph: 0481-2573699; 257384
Mo: 08129818732 / 944682

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